Getting into hot tub

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How long do you have to wait to get into your hot tub after shock dosing it? I personally shower before I use the hot tub, to clean off any shampoo, body wash or detergents in my swimming costume. If you have put too much Chlorine into the water, then you must now wait until the reading drops back to this safe level. It is important to maintain the correct pH and Sanitizer balance so as not to cause skin irritation. The pressure cleaner will remove the calcium that has built up in the filter and blocks the filter holes. The Ozone generator creates very high levels of ozone which in turn oxidises bacteria in the circulation system.

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In water this hot keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

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This Will Make You Never, Ever Want To Get In A Hot Tub Again

No problem, but why you would want to do so is beyond us! Sometimes depending on the shell material you can grind out around the crack and once the fiberglass has hardened you the pellets and acetone to make a mixture and fill in the ground out section. Any temperature over When this happens jets can feel less strong and heaters may cut out. When water freezes it expands and the plastic pipe work in most Hot tubs will crack.

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getting into hot tub
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getting into hot tub
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