Ceader cypress strip motor boats

It has the same weight for strength specs as Red Cedar, even a bit better, and doesnot burn! Strip-plank epoxy planking may be found on large yachts, such as the Brady 45 catamaranan Australian design that is built in Indonesia using tropical hardwoods. You need to get some actual experience with what works before you charge forward over the cliff. In the end you get what you pay for. The forms are cut as a series of cross-sections of the final design and set up along a "strong back" or other solid base.

If it's a power boat the transom is too narrow to support a motor and a pilot.

Strip Planking wood

This natural Bullfrog was built by one of our customers, Craig VanBuren, and uses a traditional strip contrast design. There was a link http: I intend to build a few over the next few years with upgrading to a better one each time. Many authors include plans for strip built boats when they write their books. Buzzy Peterson, and Karl Ketter. In either case, nothing good will happen and this thread is a waste of time.

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