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But I don't agree with it. This is where everyone will go home, let whatever wounds heal and move on with their lives because for the gays to seek justice for being the victims of violence or crime will further hurt them mentally. Those people should be charged too ffs, but I doubt the real victims here - the gay couples would wanna escalate the matter. Then ruin his social life. This is proof that we're having economic recession! Why would god be unfair to you, denying you the chance for having partner in this life while other people can have a more fulfilling life?

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I can see how this video can be used to promote an "all gay defense class, how to defend yourself against straight men".

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Homosexuality is a sin. It is a challenge by god. Or allowing LGBT to exists if it is wrong Also his argument can be used against say black people in america during the s. HK star injured in car crash on X'mas. I'm not defending against those gays, doing it in public spot, in the car is absolutely wrong.

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