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Now turn around and spread your legs. Mother seemed particularly pleased at just how juvenile my genitals looked after their thick covering of pubes had been shaved off, telling Shana and Rani that she very much approved of my new little boy look without my pubes, declaring that boys my age were definitely less mature than girls of the same age and that as far as she was concerned no middle school boys or even ninth grade high school freshmen should be allowed to grow pubes! Then I realized who the absolutely perfect person was — Mike Cesare. Although Wade had originally chosen to be naked with the intention of gaining dominance over his brother, Shari now required him to be naked in the same way. I had him remove my blouse and skirt even though for a real spanking he would actually strip the spankee completely. I had long thought that Shana and Rani were the two prettiest girls in my grade.

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In that daily report you will keep me posted on your behavior.

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Milked & Spanked By My Girlfriend

I quickly shared this wonderful news with Shari. Mother had told them, Shana explained, that like most boys my age I was excessively modest and that she had not seen me naked in years and did not know if I had any pubes or not! When Shana had finished and stood back to take in my now hairless genitals she looked like she was searching for something to say, but the look on her face told me she was shocked about how undeveloped I really was now that all my pubes we gone. They positioned me so that neither my legs nor my hands reached the floor. I use it on all of the men that date me. This way we can have target practice on your naked ass. Blake chimed into the discussion boasting:

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she spanked me shaved my pubic hair
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she spanked me shaved my pubic hair
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