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Race is also controlled, because romantic and sexual relationships are known to vary by race Carver, Joyner, and Udry ; Giordano, Manning, and Longmore Please review our privacy policy. Finally, those with traditionalist attitudes about sex may exhibit different sexual behaviors and may also hold different attitudes about relationships Regnerus Despite the attention that has been paid to college relationships, however, little research has explored how institutional characteristics may influence the romantic and sexual relationships of college students and how these relationships may vary across college campuses with different demographic, cultural, and structural characteristics. If the dyadic power thesis applies to college campuses, we would expect women on campuses with higher proportions of women to report that men are less willing to commit and less likely to treat women well.

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Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

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Second, we are not suggesting that social exchange theory can be applied universally across different settings and different types of behaviors. Data are weighted to reflect the regional distribution of college students. These models are substantively similar to the logit regression results presented below; however, for the sake of simplicity, parsimony, and interpretability, we display only the logit regression results. Therefore, dyadic power within relationships is determined not only by intra-relationship factors, such as the relative social status and physical attractiveness of partners, but also by market characteristics. The Demographic Opportunity Thesis The dyadic power thesis articulated above emphasizes power dynamics between men and women. Dating is not dead, but it seems increasingly understood as commencing after an exclusive and perhaps even sexual relationship is formed England et al. Colleges tend to attract individuals with similar backgrounds, tastes, and abilities, and thus facilitate the search for partners.

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