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What does matter, what is most interesting and "please don't make eye contact with me" bizarre about these are the bidders. To know thousands of people have seen you naked and, in celebration of this invasion, they refer to it with a cute portmanteau that reaffirms that they mashed their penises a few times with you in mind. But a healthy portion of my fellow wang hangers have taken it upon themselves to simply presume other people want to see their jizz whistles. Celeb Nudes And More: Even a millionaire would have had to meet one the old-fashioned way, by lurking around college bars or placing classified ads. Do you have a dink? There's a weird obsession in pop culture with the idea of a virgin reaching an age where she can be un-virginated.

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Good one but they still took pics of their danglers and that's enough.

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Woman discovers best possible way to troll gross dudes who ask for nude pics.

You should be flattered I got a boner for you. Don't have an account? The sending of dick pics online is about as predictable as new memes every week and Honest Trailers ripping apart your favorite movie. And it's not just an unseemly, underground thing -- fakers take pride in their work. Some people are going to frown on sex work in general.

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